A group of leading manufacturing companies, software vendors, system integrators and training institutes have launched this website in January 2006, as a new initiative to promote the ISA-95 standard. The standard establishes a common definition and format for information exchange between shop floor systems and business systems.

Director of “ISA-95.com,” Pieter van der Klooster, believes the use of the ISA-95 standard will deliver significant benefits to users. ARC Advisory Group expressed similar thoughts in a recent electronic newsletter. “ARC believes that the time has come to make some real progress in the area of plant to business interoperability”, the consulting firm wrote.

“Advances in technology as well as standards have brought us to the point where a catalyst can effect some major changes, and we believe this initiative can be that catalyst”. “There is a huge amount of interest in this among our clients, and an overwhelming response from the manufacturing community” Van der Klooster said. Dave Emerson, Chairman of WBF’s XML Working Group, and Keith Unger, Chairman of the ISA’s SP-95 Committee said that key end-user companies that have adopted ISA-95 are reporting reductions in integration time and costs and greater agility in integrating plant floor systems with business systems.