Download for free: ppt. Presentation Applying ISA-95 the whole picture

TWP Training provided a webcast seminar for the World Batch Forum, called Applying ISA-95: the Whole Picture.

Do you understand how to build information flows using the ISA-95 object models? The SP95 committee has put a lot of time and effort into the development of the ISA-95 standard. Their knowledge and practical experience were combined into a consistent set of models and terminology. The standard is very complex, so it will take a lot of time to really understand the object models, their internal relationships, and the ISA-95 terms (e.g. ‘Material segment specification property attributes’). Many people are looking for a complete and consistent case, which is not too complex or too industry specific, as an example of how to apply ISA-95.

This case study provides an example of the application of the 9 object models of S95, and how these can be used to build the S95 information flows in B2MML (XML).