Completeness, compliance and conformance

Is your system / application ISA-88 compliant? The standard explains what it means to be ISA-88 complete, compliant and conformed.

  • Compliance

    Any assessment of the degree of compliance of a specification shall be qualified by the following:

    The use of the terminology defined in Part 1, clause 7

    The use of the attributes for each supported object

    A statement of the degree to which they then conform partially or totally to definitions and attribute names

    In the event of partial compliance, areas of non-compliance shall be explicitly identified.

  • Completeness

    The number of object models and objects supported, as defined in part 1, clause 7 and in part 2, clause 4, shall determine the degree of completeness of a specification or application.

  • Conformance

    Any assessment of the degree of conformance of a specification shall be qualified by the following:

    Documentation of the object models and objects as listed in Table 88 through Table 96, conformed to

    Documentation of the attributes conformed to

    A statement of the mapping of the application’s attributes and object names to the objects and attributes listed in Part 2

    In the event of partial conformance, areas of non-conformance shall be explicitly identified.



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